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There is a lot more to having a new, state-of-the art website. Another element to success is to keep it - and yourself - current with the latest design tips and ideas from the world of web design and beyond. You can avoid those old school looks and styles that looked great - a year or two ago.  You will be able to create something new that people will want to see today.
Below you will find a collection of tips and ideas that will help you achieve success with your website


By djreid | May 10, 2019

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new!

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What is that Smiley Face Doing in your WordPress Footer?

By djreid | April 23, 2019

(First Posted on April 23, 2019 by Lindsay Pietroluongo on Elegantthemes.) Designing a website is tedious, and there’s nothing more frustrating than finally finishing up and then noticing something out of place. The WordPress smiley is just that sort of thing – a teeny, tiny smiley face that came out of nowhere and is now […]

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How to Create Floating Corner Designs for Content in Divi

By djreid | April 11, 2019

(Originally posted April 10th by Jason Champagne in Divi Reources) Creating floating corner designs is a simple and easy way to add a little creative style to Divi Modules that you may not have thought was possible without custom code. Good news! With Divi, you can use dividers and blurbs to style the four corners […]

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Gradient Snakeline – Timeline

By djreid | March 19, 2019

(first Posted on March 15th by Michelle Nunan on Divi Soup) #Freebie alert! Hey Soupies, I just released this little Gradient Snakeline free Divi section layout for you. The gradient colours are controlled in the row background settings, so its pretty easy to modify. You can use any modules you like and it’s also fully […]

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How Do You Know You Can Trust That GURU?

By djreid | March 14, 2019

When you see an ad, receive a ‘contact form’ or somehow get a personal message from a so-called web Guru, how do you know that they can do what you need? And how do you know that you will come out of this okay – both financially and mentally? The short answer is … you […]

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25 Best Productivity Apps for Busy Professionals in 2019

By djreid | March 12, 2019

(first Posted on March 11, 2019 by John Hughes on Elegant Themes) As a smart and busy business or site owner, you’re likely always looking to improve your efficiency to get more done. This way, you’ll have more time to focus on other things you care about besides work. This is where productivity apps come […]

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Best Chrome Extension for Power Users in 2019

By djreid | February 25, 2019

(first Posted on February 23rd by Lindsay Pietroluongo on Elegant Themes) Google Chrome is the most widely-used web browser, with Safari, Firefox and others so far behind it they may never catch up. With so many add-ons available in the Chrome web store, you can customize your browser in countless ways to help you work […]

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A Simple Guide to Brand Strategy

By djreid | January 28, 2019

(first published Jan. 28, 2019 by John Hughes on Elegantthemes.) Without a brand strategy, it’s difficult for your business to have clear goals when it comes to marketing. It’s also hard for customers to understand both your values, and what your business can provide for them. Implementing a solid brand strategy gives you a clear […]

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Mac in time: 35 years of Apple’s legendary Macintosh

By djreid | January 24, 2019

(first published gy Dan Grabham and Matt Hanson on TechRadar.) Today marks the 35th anniversary of the original Apple Macintosh − the computer that kick-started the PC revolution as we’ve known it. Since its release on January 24 1984, the Apple Macintosh – and the Macs that followed it – have had a huge impact […]

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