(from an email on December 6, 2018 by Shawn Hesketh on WP101)

WordPress 5.0 was just released, and it brings some big changes to the editor. The new Block Editor is code-named, “Gutenberg,” and it’s a project that actually started a couple of years ago with the goal of creating a completely new editing experience that makes it easy to create rich post layouts.

“The current editor got us through the last 14 years. We want Gutenberg to get us through the next 14.” — Matt Mullenweg, Creator of WordPress

We think you’re going to love creating content with the all-new Block Editor, but it definitely comes with a learning curve. This is not like any other release we’ve seen in more than ten years. …

Read this post for everything you need to know about WordPress 5 and the all-new Gutenberg Block Editor.  https://www.wp101.com/wordpress-5-0-is-here/

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