Easy edits with Theme Customizer

You can easily make changes to your website using the Theme Customizer. Change the colors of the gradient overlays, set the look of custom Call To Action menu item, customize fonts and much more.

Fullscreen Slider

Welcome your visitors with a full-screen image or video. It doesn’t have to be one image – it is a slider! You can display an image / logo that stays on top of each slide. It has a custom animated scroll down arrow added for better navigation.

Call To Action – Menu Item with Overlays

You can set the look of Call To Action Menu Item in Theme Customizer. Thanks to Divi Overlays (by Tim Strifler) you can add any module or layout you like to a Divi Module.

Follow-the-mouse Overlay Effect

Direction aware overlay effect is used on portfolio and gallery module. The overlay will slide in and slide out, following your mouse movement. It is eye-catching and different.

Category & Archive Pages Styling

Your blog doesn’t have to look boring. Your site can have built in custom styling for all the standard blog pages – archive, category, author and search result pages. Also extending WordPress “Recent Posts Widget” with each post thumbnail. You can also add any Layout you create to the sidebar.

Widget Area Before the Footer

You can design your footer with Divi Page Builder and choose to show it on every page (using Divi Widget Builder). There is no need to add a global section to each page and post.


Fly-In Animations

You can easily animate any module on scroll down and scroll up. Just add a custom CSS class to any module to animate from the left, right, bottom, top or have it fade in.


Modules Styling

Divi features multiple pre-styled modules. Several version of Blurbs and many others. Just pick & choose the ones that suit your project.


All New Visual Builder Help System

What is also exciting is the Divi Help System which includes over 70 full length instructional videos that are accessible right inside the builder.  This new and unique feature allows you to learn and follow along with Divi’s documentation team while you build your website – without having to leave the builder.  Quick and easy access to the help you need no matter where you are or what you are doing in the Divi builder – to make your website even greater.  It won’t slow you down or get in your way – but it’s always there if you need a helping hand.

All the websites I design are responsive. Here’s Why!

There are a number of reasons – these are a few reasons why I believe websites must be responsive …

Staying ahead of the competition

A responsive design is key to ensuring your business stands out and it allows you to present your content in the best way possible. By offering viewers a responsive, mobile-friendly website you gain a competitive advantage and encourage them to visit you instead of others.

Gives an optimal user experience

A responsive website eliminates the need for your visitors to mess around zooming in and out trying to make your website adjust to the screen of their particular device. Your content will be properly displayed making it easier for your viewers to access every section of your site easily.

Google recommends responsive

The Google bot can crawl content more efficiently since responsive websites have one URL and the same HTML across all devices. Users are more likely to engage, share and interact on a responsive website than on one that has different versions for different devices.

Built with Performance in Mind

Studies have shown that if your site takes more than a few seconds to load, you’re losing customers. While a large portion of your sites performance depends on your host, we’ll make sure your site takes advantage of every bit of performance it can get. This includes various levels of caching, as well as optimized code to load pages as quickly as possible.

Cost Benefits

As a website owner, you simply can’t afford to have a website that is outdated and not performing well. If you care about your organization, one of the best decisions you can make is to upgrade your website making it mobile friendly. Having a responsive, well-functioning website will ensure you stay competitive for a long time to come.

Higher SEO Rankings

It’s no secret that Google prefers mobile friendly websites when it comes to displaying search results. In recent years Google rolled out new algorithm updates giving preference to mobile friendly sites. So even if your website has ranked well in the past, if it is not responsive, you can now lose your sites ranking and it will be reflected in a downgraded rank.

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